Means you never have to worry about life’s little hiccups.

Ever order chocolate, but decide you’re more vanilla? Change is normal - even if you make decisions and stick to them, life gets in the way. Introducing our brand new, No Strings Guarantee. It means you never need to worry if you change your mind or circumstances happen outside of your control. There are two parts to this guarantee.

The two parts of this guarantee.

You’ve got an upcoming trip booked, but something gets in the way? No problem, we’ll roll over your deposit and keep it safe so you can re-book a trip with us anytime, even in 20 years (so long as you’re still under 40) when you’re ready to apply it.

We’ll waive the amendment fee when you change your details. So if you need to move your dates or update your name after your spontaneous Vegas wedding, there are no extra fees to do so.

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Terms & Conditions

Rolling Deposit:

Any cancellation within 6 weeks which incurs more than deposit charge is not applicable to this offer. The Rolling Deposit Voucher cannot be redeemed onto the same trip and departure date of original booking being cancelled. Only one Rolling Deposit may be applied per person per trip. The RDV has no expiry date, however the passenger must be aged between 18 to 39 years to travel as per the travel conditions of Topdeck. The Rolling Deposit will equate to the initial deposit amount paid. If redeeming against a trip with a higher deposit amount the balance will be payable at time of booking. The Rolling Deposit has no cash value. The Rolling Deposit can be transferred to a friend.

Make a Change:

Any change that needs to be made to a booking outside of 6 weeks (42 days) prior to departure can be done so free of charge. Changes such as name change, date change or trip change. Once inside 6 weeks normal cancellation fees will apply.

We're also involved in many travel organisations and schemes, several of which have stringent membership criteria requiring firms to demonstrate a sound financial position in order to join. Topdeck are proud members of the following:

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In particular, and in the UK & Europe, being a member of ABTA offers you financial protection.

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