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From Dublin to Moscow, Athens to the Arctic Circle, our comprehensive range of European trips take in the best that this epic continent has to offer. Whether you embark on a multi-destination adventure to get a taste of Europe, take a one-way journey between two easily accessible cities, taking a Europe bus tour or focus more in-depth on a particular country or region, we’ve got a trip style to suit you.

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Whatever your europe travel preference, our trips styles have got you covered.



Get the most out of your Eurotrip, without breaking the bank. From modern hostels to bungalows, cabins to yachts, you’ll stay in varied multi-share accommodation, specific to the destination in which you visit. Our most social euro trip style for fun-seeking, adventurous, solo and group travellers alike.

Trip Length: 7-49 days
Accommodation: A combination of modern hostels situated close to the action, cabins at European campsites, bungalows, hotel upgrades and yachts.
Room Types: Multi Share

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Explorer. See for yourself.


Discover the magic of Europe by taking a more in-depth look at the regions which make up this fascinating continent. Travelling in smaller groups, these trips allow you to better experience the local way of life, and escape a little further off the tourist track.

Trip Length: 6-15 days
Accommodation: 3+ Star Hotels
Room Types: Twin/Double/Triple Share

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After a little extra comfort on your Europe adventure? Our hotel trips offer en-suite twin or double rooms with all the amenities. Centrally located or with convenient transport links, hotels offer a little more ‘me-time’ and space to spread out.

Trip Length: 7-31 days
Accommodation: 3+ Star Hotels
Room Types: Twin/Double/Triple Share

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Camping. GO WILD.


Our Camping trips may be the most affordable way to see Europe, but don't be fooled: from air mattresses to an on-road Chef, this is camping – Topdeck style. Sociable and more fun than you can poke a tent pole at, these trips offer the ultimate outdoor Euro experience.

Trip Length: 8-34 days
Accommodation: Campsites
Room Types: Twin Share Tents

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Fancy a festival? Or perhaps a Gappie getaway? With our swag of trip styles, you’re guaranteed to find a European holiday that floats your boat.

Step 2. Pick your Europe trip destination.

Sample spaghetti in Rome? Flamenco your way around Spain? Or explore the cobblestone streets of Prague? With so many Pinterest-worthy destinations to choose from, we won’t blame you for getting #HolidayIndecision.

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TOP 10



01PARDON MY FRENCH. Paris is a love affair meant to be continued. It starts with a romantic rendezvous under Pont-Marie, a fleeting kiss at the Eiffel Tower and a history lesson at Musée du Louvre. It’s home to the Mona Lisa and Coco Chanel, Jay-Z went here for his birthday and kissing in public is encouraged. And don’t get us started on the food.

02PRAGUE TIPPLES. It’s officially a thing. Prague has the best beer in Europe (sorry Carlsberg). Start with classics like Urquell, Staropramen and Budvar then make your way to local drops like Kout na Šumavě and Svijanský Rytíř. Also, don’t miss one of the best-preserved old towns in the world, the Lennon Wall and the pastry deliciousness that is trdelník.

03DUBROVNIK DUBSTEP. The country that brought you the necktie, Dalmatians and a currency named after an adorable little rodent, also happens to host the hottest city in Europe right now. Think: baroque buildings behind medieval city walls, epic Adriatic Sea sunsets and glitzy nightlife.

04SAILING THE MEDITERRANEAN. Life is all about choices. When you’re sailing in Greece, the decisions get tough. There’s the swimwear dilemma, the snorkeling versus sunbathing predicament and the impossible toss-up between jumping back in for a swim and staying right where you are. Work the tan, live the dream, forget the rest. Tough life, we know.

05ONCE WERE WARRIORS. There used to be vikings here. But modern-day Scandinavia is a mix of stylish hi-tech cities, cosy cottages, fjords and ridiculously good-looking people. There’s also the midnight sun, saunas and the home of Santa Claus. While rune stones have now officially been swapped for iPads, Scandinavia remains an effortless blend between ice age and space age.

06GREEK ISLANDS. Gyros, olives and sunshine are all crucial parts of a balanced diet. You go to Mykonos for the party, Paros for the village feel and Santorini for the best sunsets in the world. Melt away under the Mediterranean sun by day, party by night and pinch yourself regularly. If home is where the heart is, it comes with a blue roof.

07SWISS ALPS. There’s more to Switzerland than chocolate. Yodeling and cuckoo clocks aside, this is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. For a country that runs like precision clockwork, there’s no shortage of time-passing opportunities. Take on four languages, some of the world’s most epic waterfalls and the highest railway station in Europe (3,454 metres).

08V FOR VENICE. You come for the gondolas and stay for the gelato. Cruise down ancient canals or island-hop your way around in a vaporetto – life here runs on cruise control and so should you. Explore a never-ending maze of marble churches and historical relics making up one of the most complicated architectural contraptions in human history.

09VISCA BARÇA! Welcome to the stomping ground of Dali and Gaudi, where the mouthwatering tapas is only rivalled by the sangria and nights out come with a side of flamenco dancing. Expect: hip bars, cosmopolitan funkiness and a passion for football.

10ICH BIN EIN BERLINER. Once bitten twice as funky. Despite nearly three decades of Cold War politics and bitter separation, Berlin has bounced back as a hub of tolerance and creativity. Visit the remnants of the notorious Berlin Wall for a sobering Throwback Thursday then equalise with a dose of the city’s contagious night vibes.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Food Coma.

The feeling of utter, smug statisfaction and sleepiness that one feels after eating their way through Europe. Common causes include baguettes, cheese, goulash, pasta and crepes.

Cold War Cuisine

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MEAT AND POTATOES. And lots of cheese. Tempered by years of communist rule, Eastern European cuisine is known for simple, yet hearty comfort food and robust flavours. Start with classics like goulash and borscht; then dig a bit deeper and you’ll find scrumptious street food and plenty of gastronomical glasnost.

Your must-do foodie list includes street stall Lángos in Hungary, stuffing yourself on pierogis (Poland’s response to gyoza) and the best thing since sliced bread: the Smažený Sýr fried cheese sandwich. Czech it out.

Paris Picnic

FIRST THOUGHT: OMG I’M IN PARIS. Second thought: I’m hungry. Stack up on fresh baguettes, cheese and patés as we kick things off with a gourmet picnic beside the Eiffel Tower.

This is the bread and butter of French cuisine, which means a lot since they pretty much invented cooking. Chomp down some macarons or Instagram yourself eating your first frogs leg. You have arrived.

My Kitchen Rules: Italy

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE. In fact, Italians are still wondering about who this Alfredo guy is and why tourists are asking about him.

Think regional and go to Tuscany to find out what tomatoes really taste like, discover the pizza and pastry scene of Rome and hit up Venice for a primer in risottos, scallops, scampi and cuttlefish. The old rules still apply: avoid English menus, menus with pictures and long menus. Delizioso!

Fiestas & Siestas

EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT. Food coma is a Spanish institution and no one will sneer at you for taking a well-deserved nap after lunch.

Lick off plates of tapas and Iberian ham in Madrid or hit up Barcelona for epic stacks of freshly caught seafood. If you want to blend in, swap your jug of sangria for a red wine and coke, the best unlikely drink mix to hit the streets since avocado coffee (yep, it’s a thing). Nom nom nom.

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